Population 109,960
State California
County Orange County
Current Time
Zip Codes 92626-92628


Fairview Developmental Center

Address: 2501 Harbor Boulevard Phone: (714) 957-5000

College Hospital Costa Mesa

Address: 301 Victoria Street Phone: (949) 642-2734


Coastline Rop

Address: 1001 Presidio Sq. Phone: (714) 979-1955

Pacific Technology Schoolsanta Ana

Address: 102 Baker St Phone: (714) 557-7002

Early College High

Address: 2990 East Mesa Verde Dr Phone: (714) 241-6108


Address: 2910 Redhill Ave Phone: (714) 327-1000

Orange Co Special Education

Address: 200 Kalmus Dr Phone: (714) 966-4130

Access Juvenile Hall

Address: 200 Kalmus Dr Phone: (714) 966-4490

Access Co Community

Address: 200 Kalmus Dr Phone: (714) 966-4490


Los Alamitos Army Air Field

Code: KSLI


The Atrium Heliport

Code: 0CL5

Hoag Memorial Hospital Heliport

Code: 14CA

L. A. Times Costa Mesa Heliport

Code: 1CA7

Area Energy Llc Heliport

Code: 21CA

Platform Emmy Heliport

Code: 2CA5

Baldwin Base Heliport

Code: 31CA

Newport Beach Police Heliport

Code: 3CA1

Jamboree Center Helistop

Code: 3CA2

Costa Mesa Police Department Heliport

Code: 42CL

Huntington Beach Service Center Heliport

Code: 48CA

Kcin Emergency Heliport

Code: 5CL5

Orange Co Sheriffs Forensics Lab Helistop

Code: 6CL7

Civic Center Heliport

Code: 75CA

Broadcom Corporation Heliport

Code: 78CA

South Coast Metro Center Heliport

Code: 83CA

Honda of Santa Ana Heliport

Code: 87CN

Park Place Heliport

Code: 88CL

Fountain Valley Regional Hospital Heliport

Code: 93CA

Union Eva Heliport

Code: 9CL8

Opus Center Irvine Heliport

Code: CA85

First Interstate Bank Building Heliport

Code: CA93

Albalisa Dinner Playhouse Inc Heliport

Code: CA94

Sce Southeastern Division Heliport

Code: CL58

H.B.P.D. Heliport

Code: CL65

Western Medical Center Santa Ana Heliport